Chi-Rise Grant (Crown)

Thomas Kelly College Preparatory High School is one of 5 Chicago Public Schools selected to be a recipient of a multiyear grant with a focus on postsecondary advancement of our students. This grant will include a variety of initiatives that will enhance our community's ability to seek postsecondary opportunities.


Chi-Rise Scholarship:

chi rise logoStudents have the opportunity to apply to a renewable scholarship that will award:
    • $1250 for a 2 year college
    • $3000 for a 4 year Illinois public university
    • $6000 for a out-of-state/private college or university
    • Applications are released annually in the winter (OPEN NOW), and students must reapply each year they are in college to continue to receive funds
    • Students must file for financial aid (FAFSA/Alt App) and have a minimum 2.5 unweighted GPA to be in consideration for the scholarship.
    • Students must be planning to attend an accredited institution of postsecondary education (trade school, college, university) FULL TIME to be considered.
Seminar Courses:
  • Seniors have the opportunity to enroll in a PSP 12 (Senior Seminar) course which will assist students in completing the various graduation requirements set forth by Chicago Public Schools, the State of Illinois and Kelly College Prep as well as exploring careers, colleges and resources for life after high school.
  • Beginning in SY21-22, freshmen will embark on a new course titled PSP 9 (Freshmen Seminar), which will introduce students to various postsecondary topics (college exploration, career exploration, soft skills etc.)
Emergency Summer Funding:
  • Kelly graduates will be able to apply for funding the summer after graduation to help fund any financial gaps in their cost of attendance and for various other situations