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Chicago Public Schools requires all of its graduates to fulfill its Learn. Plan. Succeed requirement, where students must provide evidence of their post-secondary pathway in order to graduate. Announced in 2017 under the leadership of former Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Class of 2022 will be the third graduating class required to have fulfilled this requirement in order to graduate.

CPS accepts the following types of documents as evidence of a postsecondary plan:

  • College Pathway: Acceptance Letter or Financial Aid Notice
  • Military Pathway: Enlistment contract
  • Employment Pathway: Employment offer letter or confirmation of continuation of employment
  • Job Training Programs Pathway: Acceptance letter
  • Apprenticeship Pathway: Acceptance letter
  • Gap Year Pathway: Acceptance letter

Other evidence is acceptable for each postsecondary pathway. Students should consult with their school counselor to inquire about alternate evidence to meet this graduation requirement.


Kelly staff work throughout the year to help students complete this important requirement. For more information about LPS, please visit this link.