SAT Exam

The state of Illinois makes it easy for students at Kelly College Prep to take a college entrance exam as part of a student's Graduation Requirements. The Class of 2024 (current juniors) will be taking the SAT in April 12, 2023. All students are automatically registered, so no student needs to pay to take this exam. While many colleges and universities across the country are becoming test-optional for admissions, colleges and universities can still use the SAT to place students in college coursework so it is important for students to do the best they can.
A great example is the City Colleges of Chicago; if a student scores high enough on their SAT, they are exempt from taking placement exams and place into the intro level of math and english. Students are also able to retest in the summer and fall of their senior year, but must register on the College Board website, it is recommended to register 2 months prior to exam. 
Prepare for the SAT
Get ready for the SAT with free online practice with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. Students can use their CPS Google accounts to login and start practicing today with a variety of practice exams, questions and videos to help prepare. Students can link their College Board account to receive individualized recommendation of areas to study based on results from previous exams.
Magoosh has a free PDF of a practice SAT exam that students can also take. 
Kaplan has a free online practice exam students can take (Registration required)