Technology Distribution

KCP Technology Distribution SY 23-24


During the 2023-2024 school year, Kelly students will continue to receive Chromebooks to use in and out of school. Kelly College Prep will be distributing Chromebooks to ALL students. Students can take their issued Chromebooks home to continue with homework and other instructional tasks. Students are responsible for updating and bringing their Chromebooks to all classes. Instructions for updating the Chromebooks are linked below. Chromebooks must be charged. No Chromebook carts will be available in the classroom with “loaner devices” for students to use, as all Chromebooks in Chromebook carts were deemed outdated by CPS at the end of SY22/23.


Please print and complete this form (Printed Copies available to be picked up at Kelly)

KCP - Chromebook Commitment Pledge 2023

Updating CPS Chromebook OS SY23-24


* Parent/Guardian signature required


UPDATE: Technology Distribution During School Year

As a 1:1 Chromebook School ALL students are assigned a Chromebook device to utilize for Schoolwork, Homework and Testing. If you do not have an assigned Chromebook please request a Chromebook via emailing Mr. Toledo ([email protected]) or by visiting the I.T. Office (Room 259).