About Us

The Kelly Counseling Department shares the following key beliefs:

  • All students’ needs will be addressed with equity and equality in mind.  
  • All students will receive academic support and guidance in order to grow in all subject areas.
  • All students will be exposed to a wide variety of college and career pathways so that each senior will be able to formulate a concrete post-secondary plan.
  • All students will receive social and emotional support that is both preventative and responsive.
  • All students will develop critical thinking skills, become lifelong learners and successfully arrive at their desired post-secondary destinations.
Vision Statement

All Kelly College Prep students are college, career, and world ready. All students further develop their independence and appreciation for diversity while expanding their social maturity. Students act as advocates for themselves, their families, and their community.

Mission Statement

Kelly College Prep Counseling Department Mission:

The Kelly Counseling Department strives to support a positive and college and career driven culture via a comprehensive ASCA counseling program that focuses on students' unique individual academic, personal/social and post-secondary needs. Through leadership and collaboration with the Kelly community, we are committed to advocate for every student to succeed in high school and achieve their postsecondary goals.