Credit Recovery/ What happens if I failed a class?

If you fail a class, you need to make up your F through credit recovery class.
The first and most important thing to do is to see your counselor immediately. Kelly offers Evening or Saturday school courses. If we don't offer the class you failed, your counselor will help you to find a nearby CPS with the class you needed. Each high school has its firm deadlines very early in each quarter/semester and course offerings, days and times change regularly.
Summer school at Kelly or another CPS High School. We won't know what Kelly's summer school course offerings and format until the late spring semester. We highly suggested that if a course is available to make-up through evening or Saturday school, you should take the opportunity. 
Once you are in the class, take the credit recovery class seriously and pass it, while also passing all of your current Kelly classes! Remember, avoiding the issue will do you no good! If you don’t have the necessary credits for graduation you simply will not graduate on time.
Reach out to your Counselor or check your email EVERY DAY for credit recovery enrollment info.